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The Transoft Safety Lab hosted its inaugural TSL Road Safety Workshop on June 16th.
If you’re a transportation practitioner or researcher interested in advancing your understanding of new tools and approaches to evaluating the safety performance of transportation decisions on all road user types, then you’ll want to watch the recorded sessions and lively panel discussions.

Click on the links below to access the presentations:
Impact of Road Design and Technology on Vulnerable Road Users
by Nora Hallett, Transportation Engineer at the City of Toronto
Emerging Technologies in Transportation Planning, Engineering & Safety
by David Wasserman, Data Science Practice Leader at Alta Planning + Design


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Introducing TrafxFLOW, the newest addition to Transoft’s suite of automated road safety solutions. TrafxFLOW provides project-based traffic metrics needed to promote a multimodal transportation system approach.


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On-demand project-based automated safety analysis, using pre-recorded video from any fixed or temporary video source.

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Continuous live-stream monitoring of high-risk intersections, leveraging existing fixed camera network.

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On-demand project-based traffic flow analysis needed to promote a multimodal transportation system approach.

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