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Leader in automated traffic conflict analysis.
Our patented technology detects dangerous interactions between all road user types to help practitioners predict, diagnose and address today’s road safety challenges without waiting years for crash data.


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All Aboard! TrafxSAFE Rail is Here
A New Proactive Safety Approach for Rail Crossings

TrafxSAFE Rail assists rail operators, transportation, and traffic engineers by detecting, logging, categorizing, and evaluating high-risk, non-compliant road user behavior at level railway crossings


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On-demand project-based automated safety analysis, using pre-recorded video from any fixed or temporary video source.

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Continuous live-stream monitoring of high-risk intersections, leveraging existing fixed camera network.

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On-demand project-based traffic flow analysis needed to promote a multimodal transportation system approach.

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Transoft Safety Lab was created to address the needs and challenges in research and practice in road safety. Our goal is to create a collaborate environment in order to build confidence in the processes of road safety assessments.


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Road Safety Engineering Award

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