About Transoft Solutions (ITS) Inc.

Helping Cities Understand and Address Today’s Road Safety Dilemmas

Worldwide, traffic collisions are the leading cause of death. It is crucial for cities to find innovative ways to reduce the number of preventable injuries on the road.

Transoft Solutions (ITS) Inc. (formerly Brisk Synergies), is the leader in automated road safety analysis. Applying surrogate safety analysis on connected traffic cameras and on-vehicle video cameras, we help transportation engineers and automotive planners to better understand their road safety problems and identify solutions without waiting for collisions to occur. Our software platform provides automated video analysis of traffic flow for effective and immediate road safety diagnosis and evaluation of interventions. This enables urban transportation engineers and planners to make better, more knowledgeable decisions on how to improve traffic flow and reduce collisions.

Our technologies have been deployed in over 4 continents in locations such as New York State, Atlanta, Toronto, Montreal, Denver, Mexico City, Zurich and Mumbai. We have also worked with numerous engineering consulting firms and organizations including World Resources Institute (WRI), AECOM, Toole Design, and more.