In late 2021, Transoft Solutions introduced self-serve products for TrafxSAFE Plus and TrafxFLOW, the company’s automated traffic video analysis software. Self-serve allows the client to take control over their traffic engineering project and perform the study themselves instead of entrusting the work to Transoft Solutions. Until recently, Transoft only supported video processing internally, but after receiving several inquiries regarding licensing or external work, we noticed there was a need and desire for clients to do the work themselves. Read more

Permanent PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) traffic cameras (i.e. controllable cameras whose feed streams back to a traffic control center) are often panned, tilted, and zoomed throughout the day as operators respond to congestion, an incident or a collision. And even if operators do not move the camera, cameras can still move if the support medium they are affixed to move, typically from sway in the wind or vibrations caused by heavy vehicles transmitted through the ground and the support medium. Read more

Lately, Transoft Solutions has been receiving more and more requests for traffic analysis from video collected using drone cameras. While the usage of drone video for traffic monitoring is still relatively new, it is even more novel for video-based analytics purposes. Hence, it comes with its own set of advantages, limitations, and considerations. Read more

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