Authors: Julie Levy, B.Eng.,



In late 2021, Transoft Solutions introduced self-serve products for TrafxSAFE Plus and TrafxFLOW, the company’s automated traffic video analysis software. Self-serve allows the client to take control over their traffic engineering project and perform the study themselves instead of entrusting the work to Transoft Solutions. Until recently, Transoft only supported video processing internally, but after receiving several inquiries regarding licensing or external work, we noticed there was a need and desire for clients to do the work themselves. As a result, Transoft Solutions developed the option for clients to log into the Transoft platform and have direct access to online calibration tools in order to prepare the video for automated safety processing.

There are three main benefits to this option.

Full Control of Your Traffic Projects
This option provides practitioners with full autonomy to design and carry out their own projects. Practitioners are in full control of defining movements, road user types, data collection points, and data collection periods in a way that makes the most sense for their work. Once video is processed, get the most out of your study by customizing project reports and carrying out personalized before/after studies.


Because such a project requires less time investment from Transoft, it helps significantly reduce the product’s cost. This is particularly helpful for scaling large projects consisting of many sites. In this way, practitioners can focus on other stages of the safety analysis process or conduct the analysis of more sites at one time.

On-Demand Availability
Because you will have the tools and skills at hand to calibrate and process your own video, you will be able to start calibrating as soon as the video becomes available or at your convenience, taking into account the project’s specific timeline. Initially, it is estimated to take roughly 3-6 hours to calibrate each camera, but as the user becomes more comfortable calibrating that time can be reduced to 1-2 hours per camera.

Through the Transoft training program, we will equip you with the knowledge in proactive (surrogate) safety analysis to train you on carrying out your next safety study that delivers the most reliable results

In conclusion, TrafxSAFE self-serve can have a positive impact on your safety projects. By using self-serve, benefit from a project that happens on your schedule, within your control, and at a reduced cost.

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Julie Levy, B.Eng.
Project Delivery Manager

Julie is a Jr. Transportation Engineer. She has worked closely with municipalities, organizations and engineering firms across Canada, the US and Latin America to define project scopes and ensure timely deliveries. She has worked on numerous vision-based road safety projects including evaluating safety performance at determining the effectiveness of before/after interventions using surrogate safety indicators.