Conduct on-demand automated road safety and traffic analysis to understand the issues at your most dangerous intersections. Using video analysis, BriskLUMINA rapidly tracks and classifies all individual road users and automatically detect near-misses and other dangerous interactions indicative of potential collisions.

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The study required quantifying pedestrian behavior and comparing the results within a short amount of time. The analytics provided by BriskLUMINA was extremely helpful towards objectively evaluating the safety impact of a pedestrian scramble, and we found the numerical results to be sufficiently detailed and reliable for measuring the safety improvement.

Marc Start
Senior ITS/Traffic Engineer


Analyze all traffic movements and quickly pinpoint your most vulnerable road users.

Identify Risk

Quickly determine critical road safety issues for different groups, including exact locations of dangerous interactions, their severities and their frequencies.

Designed for Safety

Applying surrogate safety analysis techniques with a multifaceted safety score that includes industry-standard measures of TTC, PET and vehicle speed, between any group of movements on the road.

Near 100% Accuracy

Our technologies produce accuracy levels that have been validated to be above current industry standards.


Assess unknown safety performance both before and after road safety interventions or pilot projects. Unknown issues can be identified sooner, before serious incidents occur.

On-Demand & Project-Driven

High-risk locations and behaviours can be identified across a region and within a site, and rapid study of before-after pilot projects becomes possible.

Comprehensive Reporting

Effective decision-making tools include risk indices, safety curves, heatmaps, speed and count graphs, as well as a cloud-based safety dashboard.


BriskLUMINA enables traffic engineers to perform quick and easy conflict analysis to identify potential road safety issues and to make more informed and faster intervention decisions.

Understand road user behaviour

The City of Cambridge, MA used BriskLUMINA to detect the frequency and severity of cyclist conflicts with right and left-turning vehicles at busy, high-risk downtown university intersections.


Diagnose your high-risk conflict hot spots

By analyzing all movements at an intersection, BriskLUMINA automatically detects and identifies the most high-risk interactions.

Measure road safety improvements

BriskLUMINA was implemented in a before and after safety study by the City of Toronto at a high-risk intersection to measure the effectiveness of curb-radii reduction modifications.

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Automatically detect near-misses to predict collisions and reduce injuries at dangerous intersections

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