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Traffic Safety Solutions for Engineering Firms

Non-intrusive road safety and traffic analytics solution that enables partners to detect, collect and analyze road interaction data to quickly and effectively build safer and smarter cities.

Learn how Engineering Firms are leveraging our road safety technologies

To help their clients reduce dangerous interactions and predict collision hotspots on their roadways

The study required quantifying pedestrian behavior and comparing the results within a short amount of time. The analytics provided by TrafxSAFE Plus was extremely helpful towards objectively evaluating the safety impact of a pedestrian scramble, and we found the numerical results to be sufficiently detailed and reliable for measuring the safety improvement.

Marc Start
Senior ITS/Traffic Engineer


Transoft Solutions (ITS) Inc. provide engineering firms with a rapid, proactive, and inexpensive means to make informed decisions on improving road safety and traffic flow.


Easy, seamless software integration into many of the leading CCTV camera manufacturers. No additional costs or resources required for camera hardware installations or modifications at traffic intersections.

Easy Interactive Dashboard

Our secure, cloud-based safety dashboard provides near real-time data and effective remote management decision-making analytical tools and visual graphics including conflict video clips that can be shared with clients

Save Time

High-risk locations, scenarios and behaviours can be identified quickly across a network and at a specific intersection in a matter of weeks, not years

Validation with Real Metrics

Effectively monitor, detect and determine root cause of safety and traffic challenges. Pinpoint and then extract the actionable insights to validate your design and countermeasure recommendations.

Near 100% Accuracy

Our technologies produce accuracy levels that have been validated to be above current industry standards.

Predict Safety and Traffic Impact

We apply surrogate safety analysis techniques with a multifaceted safety score that includes industry-standard measures of near-miss collision and vehicle speed, between any group of movements on the road.

Safety Dashboard

Easily interact, customize, interpret and visualize your conflict video data

  • Report road users

Classify and monitor road user distribution frequency for pedestrians, cyclists, cars, buses, motorcycles and trucks.

  • Watch near-miss videos

Drill into a conflict risk scatter plot and click on a dynamic video snippet of each high risk near-miss conflict.

  • Monitor conflict risk trends

Evaluate conflict trends using heat maps, hot spots, speed and near-miss distribution graphs filtering by date range and scenario across all networked camera intersections.

  • Validate road improvements

Benchmark conflict rates and quantify safety performance improvements before and after interventions.


Our engineering firm partners have leveraged TrafxSAFE Plus for multiple complete streets, intersection management, network screening, safety improvement performance, traffic calming, speed analysis and traffic engineering studies applications.

Stantec carried out signal timing optimization

In Quebec, Transoft Solutions (ITS) Inc. (formerly Brisk Synergies) provided turning movement counts, crossing times and travelling speeds of all vehicles and pedestrians measured at various locations using traffic video. By synchronizing the results with signal timing data, Stantec was able to assess the impact of each different signal timing plan on the behavior of vehicles and pedestrians.

Connected Camera Picture

Conflict diagnosis at high-volume intersection

By working with Transoft Solutions (ITS) Inc. (formerly Brisk Synergies), Toole Design analyzed safety at a busy intersection in a university town in Massachusetts. As the intersection is dense with vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians, conflicts between various road users were analyzed. The data results and conflict videos showed that conflicts were found to occur frequently and in ways that visibly made cyclists and pedestrians uncomfortable. The results were very valuable to Toole Design, who was able to make effective recommendations to their client on how to make changes to this intersection in order to improve safety for all road users.

Improvement measurement of pedestrian scramble

AECOM worked with Transoft Solutions (ITS) Inc. (formerly Brisk Synergies) to measure the safety of a busy intersection in Georgia before and after the intersection’s change in signalization to an “All-walk” or pedestrian scramble. Using results generated from Brisk’s analysis, AECOM was able to conclude that the change to an “All-walk” pedestrian signalization overall led to a large decrease in pedestrian exposure to vehicles, therefore confirming the success of the switch.

Pedestrians on zebra crossing waiting for Car to pass

Partner with Transoft Solutions (ITS) Inc. (formerly Brisk Synergies)

Are you a engineering/consulting agency trying to help your government clients proactively improve road user safety?
Our automated video analytics platform specializes in non-intrusive road safety diagnosis. We’ll make sure we provide you with actionable insights so that you can offer your clients the best recommendations supported by real-time data, collected faster, at a lower cost.

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