Transoft’s video-based safety solutions provide the tools practitioners need to solve everyday road safety challenges following the Road Safety Management Process.

Network Screening

Identify the most problematic sites across a network with innovative features such as:

  • Filter and rank sites based on a broad array of summary statistics, ranging from traffic volumes, speeding behaviour, and safety related events
  • Narrow down network screening based on site type, including road geometry & structure, land use, and urban density

Learn more:  Read how the City of Bellevue used citywide traffic camera video and “near-crash events” to predict where future collisions can happen – Video-based Network-wide Conflict and Speed Analysis to Support Vision Zero in Bellevue (WA)


Investigate each site to determine the most serious contributing crash factors with intuitive data-driven dashboards including:

  • 10-second conflict video clips to understand the causes contributing to each high-risk interaction
  • Heatmaps showing conflict hotspots, speed, and traffic flow for both motorized and vulnerable road users
  • Detailed speed and volume charts highlighting road user behaviour patterns over time
  • Classify and filter vehicle and vulnerable road user types (including e-scooters) with high granularity

Learn more: Hear why transportation consultants, Fehr & Peers used TrafxSAFE Plus’ automated surrogate safety tools to augment traditional pedestrian safety evaluations at two large multi-modal intersections in California: Diagnosing Pedestrian Crossing Safety Using Video-Based Conflict Analysis Techniques.

Countermeasure Selection

Determine optimal countermeasures by associating observed challenges at each site to treatments available in the Crash Modification Factors (CMF) clearinghouse:

  • Intelligent countermeasure filtering and selection tools to accelerate the search for CMFs
  • Site-specific conflict data is used to prioritize the list of protentional treatments

Learn more: Read about the Six-Step Process to Selecting Countermeasures using CMFs

Safety Effectiveness Evaluation

Evaluate & validate the effectiveness of countermeasures:

  • Before & After Studies – create studies to compare safety metrics Before vs. After road treatments are completed to understand the safety benefits achieved
  • Cross-sectional Studies – easily compare road safety metrics across multiple sites
  • Don’t wait 5 years for crash data – catch potential problems immediately after road interventions

Learn more:  Read how effective TrafxSAFE Plus is at studying the effectiveness of implemented countermeasures – Countermeasure Effectiveness Study at Signalized Intersection and Midtown Atlanta Before & After Safety Study at Pedestrian All-Walk Phase  

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