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Webinar on a Midtown Atlanta Case Study

Like many cities, Midtown Atlanta is challenged to find effective pedestrian safety evaluation techniques that can quickly diagnose issues and measure performance changes in high conflict traffic behaviour. The intersection of the Spring Street and 5th Street experiences a large volume of pedestrian crossings, with many observed conflicts with vehicles. They needed to effectively quantify pedestrian safety before and after the integration of an all-WALK pedestrian phase into the signal cycle at the intersection.

The project team, which involved Midtown Alliance, AECOM and Jacobs, decided to implement the BriskLUMINA solution with temporary cameras to track and classify all individual road user from video data, and automatically detect near-misses and other dangerous interactions between them that are indicative of future potential collisions

Join Aecom and Brisk Synergies to learn how the project team implemented the on-demand automated video-based solution to quickly and effectively analyze results and safety performance improvement in near collisions between vehicles and pedestrians with the new pedestrian scramble.