Use big data and infrastructure-based monitoring to take control of your city and roads. TrafxSAFE Connect allows for consistent monitoring of intersections and roadways by leveraging existing CCTV camera infrastructure. Real-time monitoring and 24/7 video processing and access to results through an online dashboard allows road safety professionals to constantly monitor road safety, measure and compare changes in traffic and safety over time, and receive notifications about specific events of interest.

TrafxSAFE Connect provides traffic engineers with a proactive, continuous and effective way to make informed decisions on improving road safety.

Continuous and Real-Time

Video data is continuously processed, and data is uploaded in real time so that 24/7 results can always be accessed.

Seamless Integration to
Traffic Operations

Connect to traffic cameras and perform operations as usual. Processing will automatically start and stop based on the camera’s field of view.

Interactive Dashboard

Access results through an easy-to-use, secure cloud-based safety dashboard that allows you to customize and interact with data.


Make effective decisions by continuously screening and diagnosing conflict risks
and measuring safety performance improvements.

Monitor High Risk Locations

Dial in on and consistently monitor high-risk sites for conflicts, high speeds, traffic density, and pedestrian crossings.

observe road safety trends

Observe Road Safety Trends

Evaluate changes in risk exposure at each intersection to observe conflict patterns and better predict trends related to movements, seasonality and traffic flow.

Real-Time Custom Event Notifications

Receive customized event notifications based on specific needs including illegal pedestrian crossings, queue buildup, critical conflicts, and more.

night traffic scene of street near JR Harajyuku Station

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