Conduct automated road safety and traffic analysis leveraging your current traffic CCTV camera infrastructure. TrafxSAFE Connect intelligent software platform uses artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms to automatically monitor and analyze real-time video data to track and classify all individual road users, and automatically detect dangerous interactions between them that can lead to collisions.

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TrafxSAFE Connect provides traffic engineers with a proactive, continuous and inexpensive means to make informed decisions on improving road safety.


Traditional road safety identifies issues after traffic incidents are observed. However, with TrafxSAFE Connect, road safety issues can be identified before traffic incidents occur.

Designed for Safety

Applying surrogate safety analysis techniques with a multifaceted safety score that includes industry-standard measures of TTC, PET and vehicle speed, between any group of movements on the road.


Sites are continuously monitored to provide historical analysis and can be compared across sites. This identifies dangerous movements and high-risk locations.

Quick & Easy

Automated, near-real time conflict analysis data available within minutes. Easy installation and integration into connected cameras.


Continuous monitoring and data analysis to reduce your requirements for expensive manual data collection methodologies and lengthy incidence reporting studies.

Interactive Dashboard

Easy-to-use, secure cloud-based safety dashboard that enables you to interact, customize and visualize data with links to video snippets of near-miss conflicts observed.


Make effective decisions by continuously screening and diagnosing conflict risks
and measuring safety performance improvements.

Network screening

Monitor and benchmark a safety score ranking of the most dangerous interactions between all of your connected camera network intersections.

Network screening
observe road safety trends

Observe road safety trends

Continuously evaluate changes in risk exposure at each intersection to determine conflict patterns and better predict trends related to movements, seasonality and traffic flow.

Measure safety improvement performance

Provide more accountability by validating safety improvement measures and intervention strategies over an extended time period. Region of Waterloo deployed TrafxSAFE Connect to continuously measure near-miss conflict frequencies and improvements on their major roundabouts.


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Automatically detect near-misses to predict collisions and reduce injuries at dangerous intersections

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