Rail crossing with a moving train and waiting car

TrafxSAFE Rail is the premier video-based safety analytics software that automatically detects, logs, categorizes, and evaluates high-risk, non-compliant road user behavior at level / at-grade railway crossings. These analytics allow users to quickly quantify and validate decisions to implement safety countermeasures at crossings. With TrafxSAFE Rail, the ability to approach safety in a proactive manner and to pinpoint safety risks before collisions and train incidents happen is taken to the next level.

TrafxSAFE Rail uses advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence to assist rail operators, transportation engineers, and traffic engineers to efficiently monitor road user compliancy and risk through different stages of a rail crossing event.


TrafxSAFE Rail provides users the ability to monitor non-compliant road user behavior at rail crossings with a high degree of precision,
in an affordable, repeatable,
and unobtrusive way, without
the challenges of human fatigue and bias.


Every road user approaching the rail crossing is detected, identified, classified, and analyzed across 14 classifications, including cars, trucks, cyclists, and pedestrians – allowing users to incorporate everyone into proactive safety decisions.

Custom Rail Analytics Dashboard

Create a custom dashboard view to review the analytics, prepare charts, graphs, and view video clips of all rail safety events captured
at the crossing.

Independent Monitoring

TrafxSAFE Rail is independent of the rail crossing control, eliminating the dependence on the crossing control infrastructure and allowing for independent assessments.

Integrated Rail & Road Safety

TrafxSAFE Rail can work alongside with TrafxSAFE to complement crash data and support a proactive approach to improving safety at and near rail crossings. TrafxSAFE Rail also integrates with TrafxSAFE Connect for continuous, real-time monitoring.


Now with TrafxSAFE Rail, the ability to approach safety in a proactive manner and to pinpoint safety risks
before collisions and train incidents happen is taken to the next level!

Monitor Rail Crossing Locations

Automatically detect non-compliant behavior at rail crossings through multiple stages of the rail crossing activity including:

  • Train Approaching
  • Train Present
  • Train Departing
An Image of a railway
Passenger car vehicle traffic is stopped waiting for three CSX Transportation corporation diesel-electric locomotives pulling a freight train through a railroad crossing across NY State Route 96 in Pittsford, New York, on January 27, 2017.

Proactive Safety Monitoring at Rail Crossings

Observe safety-related trends over time and obtain quantitative analytics for data-driven decision-making at rail crossings.

Support the Decision-Making Process

Quantify and validate decisions to implement countermeasures specific to rail crossings.

A speeding train going thru a railway crossing.

Communicate Safety Decisions

Utilize the outputs in graphical format alongside video clips of safety events to clearly communicate the data-drive safety decisions to stakeholders.


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