TrafxSAFE is the leading on-demand video-analytics platform used worldwide to proactively solve road safety issues. Granular surrogate safety metrics accessible on a dynamic web platform help transportation engineers and planners to prioritise the most high-risk sites, identify contributing crash factors, and evaluate the impacts of countermeasures without waiting for crash data.

TrafxSAFE enables practitioners
to be in control of their own road safety studies:

1. Upload Your Video

2. Calibrate your site

3. Access your results


TrafxSAFE is the best tool for the implementation of an efficient and proactive Road Safety Management Process, making it easy for practitioners to identify and evaluate safety concerns. This fully automated solution puts engineers in the driver’s seat, empowering them to gain a deeper understanding of traffic patterns and road user behaviours associated with crash risk, which allows for faster identification and implementation of countermeasures.

Road Network Screening

Identify your crash-prone locations across a network through easy-to use-features:

  • Rank sites for potential safety improvements based on occurrence and rates of conflicts, over-speeding, and other key measures
  • Narrow down network screening based on traffic patterns and site characteristics, including hourly and weekly patterns, road geometry, and land use characteristics
  • Generate statistics, graphics, and maps for your reports. All this with the help of a friendly web dashboard

In-depth Safety Diagnosis

Investigate each site to determine the most serious contributing crash factors and potential causes of crashes with intuitive data-driven dashboards including:

  • Conflict video clips to understand the causes contributing to each high-risk interaction
  • Heatmaps showing conflict concentrations by type, speed, and traffic flow for a variety of motorized and vulnerable road user types
  • Detailed PET, TTC, speed and volume charts highlighting patterns over time
  • Conflict and speed diagrams by road user and movement type

Countermeasure Selection

Determine optimal treatments according to the identified observed challenges at each site using a catalogue of Crash Modification Factors (CMF) integrated into the platform:

  • Intelligent countermeasure filtering and selection tools to accelerate the search for CMFs
  • Site-specific conflict data is used to prioritize a list of protentional treatments
  • Develop your own safety performance functions for converting conflicts to crashes

Safety Effectiveness Evaluation

Measure and validate the effectiveness of your projects and interventions using our analytics capabilities and friendly dashboard platform:

  • Before & After Studies – create studies to compare safety metrics Before vs. After road treatments are completed to understand the safety benefits achieved
  • Cross-sectional Studies – easily compare road safety metrics across multiple sites
  • Don’t wait 5 years for crash data – catch potential problems immediately after implementing countermeasures
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Does your project require specialized video collection, customized analyses, or specific reporting?

Speak to one of our road safety experts about the extra features we can unlock with TrafxSAFE Plus.

Our experienced delivery team will help you every step of the way with:

  • Video collection (connected, fixed, temporary, drone, and panoramic cameras)
  • Integration into alternative sources of data (thermal video, Lidar, 3D images)
  • Calibration and video processing
  • Multi-camera stitching and large area analysis
  • Customized road user behaviour and targeted violation analysis
  • Low visibility and night-time conditions
  • Unlimited training and customer support

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